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I would like to send the stock list of our suppliers.

I would like to send the stock list of our suppliers.

Dear Soussi San,


I would like to send the stock list of our suppliers.



2SA1302-O                       75 pcs   @JPY450.          Toshiba               DC1998

2SA970-BL                       1000      @JPY25.            Toshiba               DC2012

2SB774                             100        @JPY18.            Panasonic           Pb

2SC1846                           100        @JPY25.            Panasonic           Pb

2SC1946A                        200        @JPY2,150.       Mitsubishi            DC2005+


2SC1969                           500        @JPY690.          Mitsubishi            DC2012+

2SC1970                           500        @JPY240.          Mitsubishi            DC2012+

2SC2240-BL                     1000      @JPY25.            Toshiba               DC2012

2SC2668-Y                       11000    @JPY16.            Toshiba               DC2001+

2SC4111                           260        @JPY255.          Panasonic           Pb


2SD1458                           150        @JPY15.            Panasonic           Pb

2SD1577                           1920      @JPY170.          Panasonic           Pb

2SD1849                           1000      @JPY105.          Panasonic           Pb

2SJ200-Y                          500        @JPY490.          Toshiba               DC2013

2SK1529-Y                       60          @JPY490.          Toshiba               DC2012


2SK170BL                         515        @JPY105.          Toshiba               DC2013

2SK170GR                       279        @JPY105.          Toshiba               DC2013

2SK1833                           500        @JPY95.            Panasonic           Pb

2SK2605-O                       400        @JPY105.          Toshiba               DC2010

2SK2698(PP)                    100        @JPY270.          Toshiba               DC2007


2SK30ATM-GR                 4000      @JPY95.            Toshiba               DC2013


AN5320                             200        @JPY195.          Panasonic           Pb

AN5352N                          50          @JPY105.          Panasonic           Pb

AN5601K                          90          @JPY450.          Panasonic           Pb

AN5790N                          300        @JPY105.          Panasonic           Pb

AN6326N                          50          @JPY185.          Panasonic           Pb


AN7171K                          450        @JPY195.          Panasonic           Pb

AN7173K                          305        @JPY195.          Panasonic           Pb

AN7177                             125        @JPY255.          Panasonic           Pb

AN7815                             677        @JPY25.            Panasonic           Pb

AN8053N                          125        @JPY65.            Panasonic           Pb


M51164AL                         175        @JPY75.            Mitsubishi

MN3001                             1200      @JPY65.            Panasonic           Pb

TLP290-4(GB-TP,E(T       6000      @JPY65.            Toshiba               DC2018




Please let me know if you are interested.



Thank you.


Best Regards,

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